Attorney Profile

Matthew L. Hess has handled thousands of insurance claims and hundreds of lawsuits over the past fifteen years. Before becoming an attorney he worked for one of the nation’s largest multi-line insurance carriers where he learned just how poorly insurance companies treat the victims of their insured’s negligence. He also learned how to beat them at their own game.

Mr. Hess has won numerous awards and accolades for trial advocacy and alternative dispute resolution and is a 2017-2021 “Super Lawyer” and “Rising Star” as awarded by Super Lawyers magazine.

Mr. Hess firmly believes that being an attorney is a privilege that comes with great responsibility which is why he has provided countless hours of free (pro-bono) legal service through the Northwest Suburban Bar Association and has been the Pro-Bono Committee Chairman for over four years.

Matt is a resident of Hoffman Estates and has lived there for over 40 years. He is often at Fabbrini Park with his wife and daughters.

What People Say

“I am so thankful that I called Matt about my injury case. It only took one meeting with Matt for me to completely trust him to represent me, and I can’t say enough about his expertise, persistence, and genuine passion for making things right for his clients.

Throughout the process, Matt took the time to get to know me as a person and fully understand the details and impact of my accident, and always advocated for my best interests. He made sure I knew what was happening every step of the way, what options I had, and what I could expect moving forward.

Matt went above and beyond to take care of the complicated behind-the-scenes work to ensure my case could be resolved and so that I could maximize my settlement. He took the stress out of the process and put me at ease so that I could focus on my recovery. I am grateful I had Matt on my side and absolutely recommend him and his firm.”

Erika I.

“I was very impressed with Matt’s diligence and strong work ethic. I really didn’t think my case was rock solid. However, through Matt’s thoroughness he made me feel confident that we had a chance.

I was very impressed with how he explained every step of the way. He made sure I knew what was happening at all times. His strong knowledge of the law stood out glowingly. Matt negotiated my case like the pro that he is. We won my case in almost record time and for the maximum allowable limit.

I can’t express my gratitude enough for the excellent job Matt did for me. I highly recommend Matt for any injury cases in the future. If anyone needs a first hand testimony feel free to contact me”

Mark D.

“Attorney Matthew Hess has been a blessing sent into my life. He represented me in a personal injury case, without him I would have not faired so well.

Matt is a very professional attorney to work with, he explained every step taken during this long process, Matt is also very compassionate and worked diligently for me with the claims people. He always questioned my well being, guided me with my treatments and answered each and everyone of my questions.

I would recommend him to anyone needing professional assistance with a personal injury case. He came through for me 100%”

Marie G.

Know Your Rights. Don’t Be a Victim Twice.

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