Practice Areas

It’s very simple. Injury law. It’s all we do. We do not handle real-estate closings, divorces, employment issues, immigration, etc. We commit 100% of our energy and resources into getting the best possible recovery for our clients because they deserve it.

Car Accidents

Make no mistake, if you were hurt because another driver wasn’t paying attention, that was no accident. That driver chose to do something other than pay attention to the road and made you a victim of their negligence. Their insurance company is a billion-dollar business looking out for themselves. Don’t be a victim twice. Call the best car-accident attorney now.

Truck Accidents

Tractor-trailors weigh up to 80,000 lbs., about 20x the weight of your average passenger vehicle. When a truck driver ignores the appropriate level of care required to operate such an enormous vehicle, the injuries can be catastrophic, the stakes are high, and consequences can be irrevocable. Know your options, immediately.

Workers’ Compensation

Regardless of whether you’re sweating pipe, turning wrenches, or pushing pencils, workplace injuries are extremely common. From acute construction injuries to repetitive-motion type injuries such as carpal-tunnel syndrome you have to know the benefits you’re entitled to.

Slip and Falls

Property owners are required to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Of course, not all slip/trip and fall incidents are preventable, but when the property owner knew of the dangerous condition but chose not to fix it and someone is then hurt, that owner is responsible for the harm the hazard caused. That’s just basic ethics.

Medical Negligence

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Think about how terrifying that is. Medical professionals are required to act with the level of care of a reasonable professional in their field. When they do not, they must be held accountable just like everyone else.

Animal Attacks

Domesticated animals, specifically dogs, are wonderful companions and enrich countless lives (Mr. Hess was the VP of the Animal Defense Fund). Animal owners, however, can be problematic. We love our pets and must care for them which includes protecting others from potential injury. If an animal owner does not take the proper precautions and an innocent person is harmed, that owner must take responsibility for the harm they caused.

We are on your side.

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